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Brief Introduction

The StarPRNT SDK Sample is a precompiled Sample App built from the Star Micronics Mobile SDK available from "Star Global Support Site". Here, you will also find the source code for this App, as well as full programming information for the range of Star POS printers. This sample demonstrates all of the available features of the printers and the SDK itself, from connection to receipt generation. It is also a useful tool to diagnose connectivity and printing issues allowing you to directly connect the printer to the mobile device independent from the functions of the POS application. The sample will print in multiple languages and allow control of both the printer and connected, supported peripherals. The Star Micronics SDK makes it easy for the software developer to build on the range of functions included as standard, as well as the sample receipt templates.

Applied Model

Supported STAR Desktop Receipt Printers:

  • FVP10 :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • TSP650II :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • TSP700II :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • TSP800II :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • SP700 :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • TSP100IV-UE :Ethernet/USB
  • TSP100IIIW :Wireless LAN
  • TSP100IIILAN :Ethernet
  • TSP100IIIBI :Bluetooth
  • TSP100U :USB
  • TSP100GT :USB
  • TSP100LAN :Ethernet
  • TSP100ECO :USB
  • TSP043 :Ethernet / USB
  • BSC10 :Ethernet / USB
  • mPOP :Bluetooth / USB
  • mC-Print2 :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • mC-Print3 :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB

FVP10, TSP650II, TSP700II and TSP800II only support StarLine Mode
In case of TSP100III/TSP100LAN, StarGraphic mode is supported.
In case of TSP043, BSC10, ESC/POS mode is supported.
In case of SP700, Star Dot Impact mode is supported.
In case of mPOP, mC-Print2, mC-Print3, StarPRNT mode is supported.

Supported STAR Portable Printers:

  • SM-S220I :Bluetooth
  • SM-L200 :Bluetooth
  • SM-L300 :Bluetooth
  • SM-T300I :Bluetooth
  • SM-T300 :Bluetooth / Wireless LAN
  • SM-T400I :Bluetooth

Note :Supported emulation : StarPRNT Mode / ESC/POS Mobile Mode
*It is different depending on the printer type.

Apps Information

Min. Android Version:5.0
Last Update:5/10/2022
File Size:2.0MB
What's NEW:
  1. Support POPCI