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Brief Introduction

Star Quick Setup Utility enables you to quickly set up Star POS printers and these peripheral devices provided by Star Micronics. Moreover, it is helpful to check printers and peripheral devices' operation or to change various parameters. There are links to online manuals, so it also helps to trouble.


Initial Settings
  1. Search Printer
  2. Use Star SteadyLAN
  3. Use Star Wireless LAN Unit
  4. Use Star Micronics Cloud Services
  5. Check Available Functions
Printer Operation Check
  1. Printer Test (Print sample receipt / Print photo)
  2. Printer Status
  3. Printer Self Printing
  4. Cash Drawer / Buzzer Test
  5. Barcode Reader / HID Device Test
  6. Customer Display Test
  7. Melody Speaker Test
Printer Settings
  1. Memory Switch Settings
  2. Logo Settings
  3. Interface Settings (Bluetooth / Network / USB)
  4. Cloud Settings (Star CloudPRNT / Star Micronics Cloud Service)
  5. Peripheral Settings (Wireless LAN Unit / Barcode Reader)
  6. Firmware Update
Online Manual
  1. Open the online manual

Applied Model

Supported STAR Printers:

  • mc-Print2
  • mc-Print3
  • mPOP
  • TSP100IV
  • TSP100III
  • Wireless LAN Unit

Apps Information

Min. Android Version:6.0
Last Update:5/10/2022
File Size:19.5MB
What's NEW:
  1. Support POP10CI
  2. Support Android 12 Bluetooth permission