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Brief Introduction

To support customers using web-based point of sale applications, STAR delivers STAR WebPRNT Browser, an innovative technology enabling device-agnostic receipt printing technology that supports HTTP requests used in web-based applications.

It allows you to print receipts including text and image data on a STAR printer by Bluetooth through STAR WebPRNT Browser from the web application that took in the JavaScript library which STAR provided.

The detail of STAR WebPRNT can be found on here

Applied Model

Supported Star Micronics Desktop Receipt Printers:

  • TSP100IV:USB
  • mC-Print3:Bluetooth, USB
  • mC-Print2:Bluetooth, USB
  • mC-Label3:Bluetooth, USB
  • mPOP : Bluetooth
  • TSP650II : Bluetooth
  • TSP700II : Bluetooth
  • TSP800II : Bluetooth
  • FVP10 : Bluetooth

Supported Star Micronics Portable Printers:

  • SM-S220I: Bluetooth
  • SM-S230I: Bluetooth
  • SM-T300I: Bluetooth
  • SM-T400I: Bluetooth
  • SM-L200 : Bluetooth
  • SM-L300 : Bluetooth

Apps Information

Min. Android Version:9.0
Last Update:2/18/2024
File Size:2.24MB
What's NEW:
  1. Supported POP10CBI
  2. Added cache disable function