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Brief Introduction

StarPRNT SDK application enables to print a variety of customizable samples made for Star Micronics POS Desktop receipt printers and Portable printers. Also, test a wide variety of customizable samples and functionality made especially for Star Micronics printers. This application demonstrates the powerful flexibility of Star Micronics printer connections by enabling users to connect their Star printer to Android device. The samples included in this application are plentiful and dynamic, allowing user input to customize printouts. For software developers, commands pertaining to specific functions have been extracted and appear on the screen for quick reference.

Application features:

  1. Print a Sample Receipt
  2. Print Image File
  3. Open a Cash Drawer Connected to Star Printer
  4. Barcode reader, Scale, Customer display

Applied Model

Supported STAR Desktop Receipt Printers:

  • FVP10 :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • TSP650II :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • TSP700II :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • TSP800II :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • SP700 :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • TSP100IIIW :Wireless LAN
  • TSP100IIILAN :Ethernet
  • TSP100IIIBI :Bluetooth
  • TSP100U :USB
  • TSP100GT :USB
  • TSP100LAN :Ethernet
  • TSP100ECO :USB
  • TSP043 :Ethernet / USB
  • BSC10 :Ethernet / USB
  • mPOP :Bluetooth / USB
  • mC-Print2 :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB
  • mC-Print3 :Bluetooth / Ethernet / USB

FVP10, TSP650II, TSP700II and TSP800II only support StarLine Mode
In case of TSP100III/TSP100LAN, StarGraphic mode is supported.
In case of TSP043, BSC10, ESC/POS mode is supported.
In case of SP700, Star Dot Impact mode is supported.
In case of mPOP, mC-Print2, mC-Print3, StarPRNT mode is supported.

Supported STAR Portable Printers:

  • SM-S220I :Bluetooth
  • SM-L200 :Bluetooth
  • SM-L300 :Bluetooth
  • SM-T300I :Bluetooth
  • SM-T300 :Bluetooth / Wireless LAN
  • SM-T400I :Bluetooth
  • Note :Supported emulation : StarPRNT Mode / ESC/POS Mobile Mode
    *It is different depending on the printer type.

Supported Star Micronics Other Products:

  • mPOP : Bluetooth / USB
  • Note :Supported emulation is StarPRNT only.

Apps Information

Min. Android Version:4.3
Last Update:6/29/2018
File Size:13.3MB
What's NEW:Bug Fix