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M200 Printer Status Indicator (Display + Buzzer)

M200 + MC-PRINT3

Features :

  • Display current printer status and alert alarm under abnormal status
  • Order warm reminder
  • Applicable Models: TSP100IV & MC-PRINT3
  • Available language:English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnam, German, French & others

Introduction / Specification / Manual :


It is connected to RJ11 port at the rear of TSP100IV & MC-PRINT3 printer. It will monitor and display current printer status. When abnormal status occur, the alarm will be fired and display the corresponding error message



LanguageEnglish, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, Vietnam, Japanese, Korean, German, French & Others
VolumeHigh, Low & Mute
ConnectivityRJ11 Port
Applicable modelTSP100IV & MC-Print3 Series
Operating Voltage24V +/-5%
Sound LevelMax. 80dB
Dimension45(W) * 44(D) * 21.5(H) mm


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