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Mobile Printer / Portable Printer

4001. Can STAR printer print with iPhone, iPAD, Android or Win Mobile?

STAR printer provides the sophisticated SDK to both iOS and Android App's developer or system integrator to connect their device with STAR printer.

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4002. Which encryption does SM-T301-DW50 wifi mobile printer support?

It supports WEP-64, WEP-128, WPA PSK/TKIP and WPA2 PSK/AES mode.

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4003. How to emulate bluetooth as a virtual COM?

Please get the manual at here

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4004. How to switch Emulation between ESC/POS and StarPRNT mode?

1. Turn the printer power and open the printer cover.

2. Press and hold the POWER button and the FEED button simultaneously. As soon as the ERROR lamp flashes five times, release the buttons. The emulation switchover takes place automatically.

3. After setting a paper, close the printer cover. The set emulation mode is printed out.
ESC/POS mode: EMU = ESC/POS Mode
StarPRNT mode: EMU = StarPRNT Mode

At that time, in step 2, make sure not to release the buttons until the lamp completes the 5th flash.

4. Please reboot the printer after switching the emulation between StarPRNT and ESC/POS.
** It will be valid after rebooting the printer.

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